The following analytical tools and maps were created for the Rochester Post-Bulletin by New Perspective Data Solutions. These materials were created as part of an ongoing relationship between the Post-Bulletin & NGM Partners/Larry Maynard. While the data is now a few years old, New Perspective can quickly update these maps and reports. In addition, they can serve as the starting point for additional maps we offer for our Media & Advertising clients. We offer many other types of maps and market analysis as well, so please feel free to browse the rest of our site.

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Advertising Sales Territory Maps

New Perspective was integral in the creation and maintenance of your advertising sales territory maps for a number of years. These maps were built and maintained using current customer and market prospect data. As sales reps and territories changed, New Perspective provided updated prospect and customer counts by territory to ensure proper balancing and assignments.

Advertiser Maps

New Perspective furnished custom maps and reports for many advertisers and prospective advertisers. These maps display advertiser locations overlaid on Post-Bulletin coverage, in some cases with current buy ZIP Codes highlighted. These maps are perfect for sales presentations as they provide an easy-to-understand visual of covered locations as well as opportunities to offer coverage for additional locations in the market.

Subscriber and Market Analysis

New Perspective performed a full analysis of Post-Bulletin subscribers using our household clustering system. The analysis provided insight into the lifestyle characteristics of subscriber households and identified the highest concentrations of similar households throughout the market. In addition, market competitors were analyzed and ranked according to coverage in the market and opportunities for competitive advantages were identified.

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