New Perspective offers powerful data analysis and intepretation - including Customer Profiling, Segmentation, Territory Creation, Modeling and Market Analysis.
Utilize our expertise to uncover the secrets hidden in your data

Many of our customers have sought insights beyond those provided by maps alone, opting for a more in-depth data analysis and interpretation. New Perspective specializes in custom analysis of your datasets including customer files, spatial analysis, competitor data, and more. Whenever possible, we include spatial insights into our analysis. Some examples of our analysis products include:

Customer Profiling and Prospecting

New Perspective Data Solutions analyzes your customer data with our spatial and demographic tools to determine a set of customer profiles. We then analyze your markets (and prospective markets) for the areas of highest density of “lookalike” prospects. Our customer data analysis and interpretation can generate a single overall profile, or the customers can be separated by spend, recency, product/service purchased, etc. to create a set of target profiles.

Customer Segmentation

A similar analysis to the Customer Profiling Analysis, but incorporating our lifestyle segmentation system. This analysis assigns your customers to pre-defined cluster groups based on their precise location. These cluster assignments are then used to identify lifestyle and household characteristics common among your best customers. The segmentation system can provide a more specific and detailed interpretation of your target households including data from many lifestyle categories. Similar to the Customer Profiling Analysis, New Perspective can utilize the findings to identify lookalike households throughout your markets.

Advertising/Marketing Optimization

If you’re questioning the effectiveness of your current marketing and advertising efforts, or looking for insights into marketing decision-making, New Perspective can analyze your current efforts against your market performance and/or customer profiles to make recommendations for adjustments.

Sales Territory Creation & Maintenance

New Perspective Data Solutions can aid in the creation of smart territories by combining geographic data with market and prospect data. Ensure that each territory includes an appropriate number of prospects and easily compare territory scenarios to fine tune each territory.

Real Estate Site Modeling

New Perspective analyzes the trade areas and performance metrics of your existing sites with our geo-demographic tools, then compares these benchmarks to prospective sites to estimate the likelihood of success of a given site. Site attributes can include population and ethnicity data, age, income, education, family makeup and much more.

Untapped Markets Analysis

Considering expanding into new markets? Unsure which market would be best? With our geo-demographic tools we can give you meaningful comparisons between target markets and comparisons with your existing markets to determine where you’re most likely to see success with your expansion.

Our focus is on customer success, and we achieve that through unrivaled support and service. We specialize in making the many complex aspects of geo-demographic analysis accessible to professionals of all experience levels. The priority is on putting the findings to work and aid in decision making.

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