The following analytical tools and maps were created for Shaw Media publications by New Perspective Data Solutions. These materials were created as part of an ongoing relationship between Shaw Media & NGM Partners/Larry Maynard. While the data is now a few years old, New Perspective can quickly update these maps and reports. In addition, they can serve as the starting point for additional maps we offer for our Media & Advertising clients. We offer many other types of maps and market analysis as well, so please feel free to browse the rest of our site.

Contact Us at (630) 668-3129 or use the form at the bottom of this page to arrange updates to these maps, creation of additional maps or to discuss other ways New Perspective can help Shaw Media.

Advertising Sales Territory Maps

New Perspective was integral in the creation and maintenance of your advertising sales territory maps for a number of years. These maps were built and maintained using current customer and market prospect data. As sales reps and territories changed, New Perspective provided updated prospect and customer counts by territory to ensure proper balancing and assignments.

Market and Distribution Maps

New Perspective created numerous display maps for Shaw Media illustrating market coverage and advertising zones. These maps are perfect for sales presentations, websites and marketing materials.

Category Maps

New Perspective created detailed maps for various advertising categories, illustrating advertiser locations in relation to Shaw Media coverage.

Advertiser Maps

New Perspective created numerous maps for specific advertisers, both current and prospective, to illustrate coverage versus retail locations, customer prospects, trade areas and more. These maps are perfect for sales presentations as they provide an easy-to-understand visual of covered locations as well as opportunities to offer coverage for additional locations in the market.

Custom Applications

Working with NGM Partners, New Perspective developed custom advertising order forms that automatically calculated totals and zone fulfillment based on most recent distribution data. While these tools were created in Microsoft Excel, New Perspective now offers custom web-based tools that offer similar functionality. Reach out to us using the Contact Form below if you’d like to discuss updating these tools or creating a web-based alternative.

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